All parts - World Peacekeepers Combat Helicopter

The Joes were under-equipped in 1982. Sure, they had a tank, a jeep, a motorcycle and some field artillery, but they couldn't fly anywhere, and the water was out of reach as well. To remedy this, I have three custom vehicles planned to fill in the gaps: a transport plane, a landing craft and a utility helicopter. I envision these as being part of series 1.5, released after the original 1982 figures but before the 1983 run was available. The helicopter is the first one to be completed, using a World Peacekeepers MH-6 Little Bird, a helicopter frequently used by US special operations units. The original is in black, so I gave the fuselage a few coats of green drab paint, and used reproduction stickers from a variety of Joe vehicles (mostly the Retaliator). I used some waterslide decals intended to be for the Green Hornet as a vehicle logo. A custom pilot completes the set, named Slick. The HORNET would have had the same price point as the Dragonfly, and would have been worth the same number of Flag Points (4).

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