Helicopter and Sidewinder missiles - Locust
Rocket pods - Yetibrew Design (Shapeways)

You might think that this is just a Dragonfly with a few details painted and some custom armaments. But no, it's actually the Locust released in 2000, which was just a tan version of the Dragonfly but could not be called Dragonfly for trademark reasons. So this is actually a complete repaint, with some 3D-printed rocket pods and reproduction stickers. It comes with a custom Wild Bill, and since Wild Bill needs a co-pilot/gunner, I used Slick from the custom HORNET helicopter I posted a while back. I know people tend to put Airborne in the front seat, but in reality that seat would be occupied by a trained pilot, not an enlisted soldier. Also I don't know if you can see it in the pics, but this Locust's left front skid support was cracked, so I had to repair that first. It was a bit of a beater.

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