All: Built To Rule Armadillo Assault and various Legos

Codename: Armadillo
Primary Function: Armored Personnel Carrier
Secondary Function: Anti-Personnel/-Emplacement Assault

Data: With the introduction of the HiSS II, Cobra began to dominate the battlefield through it's firepower and ability to transport Cobras to combat. With the very freedom of the world on the line, G.I. Joe had no choice but to turn the tide back to their favor; to this end, a new classification of vehicle was introduced: the Assault Armored Personnel Carrier, or Assault A.P.C., vehicles combining the personnel capacity of transports with the firepower of armor.

The Armadillo Assault A.P.C is an eight-wheeled battlestation. Two seperate compartments in the cab, one driver, one gunner for the twin gatlings and bunker-buster missile launchers. A deck between cab and compartment for observation and as a shooting position, and at the rear is an armored four-person transport compartment. While not as heavily armed as it's counterpart the Snake Buster, the Armadillo offsets this by having more variance in its weapons systems and a better rough terrain capability.

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