Aircraft - True Heroes S1 Truhawk (modified)

The True Heroes Truhawk is a pretty cool swing-wing jet, and since it has a blue base colour and doesn't represent any real-world fighter, I assigned this custom version to Cobra. I repainted the camo colouring to make it a bit more striking, removed the lights and the ejection mechanism (just because it's way too eay to accidentally activate it) and added some Cobra stickers. An aluminum rivet in the nose makes a convincing pitot tube. The pilot is the Air Viper. The name Talon II comes from the fact that the Cobra jets that appeared in the first episode of the original mini-series (The Cobra Strikes) have been referred to as Talons, so this is the successor to those planes. And as soon as I figure out a good way to make a Joe-scale F-102 Delta Dagger, Cobra will get their original Talon too.

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