30th Skystriker
vintage Rattler cockpit

I really hated how the modern Skystriker was a single seater only. I had previously attempted making it a 2-seater, and while it looked nice with the figures in it, it looked really bad when there were no figures.

I updated it this time using a vintage Rattler seats. The figures fit very snug, but they do fit. I had to sacrifice all the cockpit details unfortunately, but was able to keep the ejection seat handles. I may put some on the front seat at a later time, but for now, I'm done.

I also relocated the engine intake fans from the removable engine pieces and placed the fans up front where the intake is.

Lastly, the wings sweep independently of the wheel position. Unfortunately, I could not get them to swing in and out together as I could not fully separate the main fuselage.

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