World Peacekeepers Motorcycle
Vallejo Rust, Stain, and Streaking Paint
Dollar Store Shipwreck Backpack
World Peacekeeper crate and backpack.

The World Peacekeeper sets have for years included what I considered a strange little motorbike. It really did not have a place in my collecting universe until the Acid Rain figures started piquing my interest. With the entire premise of apocalyptic armies fighting I started looking at the little motorbikes differently. Rummaging through my parts box I also noted I had quite a few Dollar Store Shipwreck backpacks. So I started modding. I dremeled out the tailpipes of the bikes and weathered the motos. Then I got the backpacks and detailed them up a little and attached them to the side. Some motos received some rolled up softgoods. It really was a lot of fun to put these together. It is a cheap and easy build for you modders out there. You have nothing to lose because if you are like me these little motos are piled up somewhere begging to be brought to life. The photos show the individual bikes and my small squad of Sand Infantry at a fuel depot. Hope you like them!

P.S. There is a real motorcycle called the Rokon that is very similar to these motorcycles. You should check them out for inspiration.

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