All: Air Assault Glider from Barrel Roll v1

Customizer's Comments: I had been wanting to paint an Air Assault Glider, or as I call them a Stealth Falcon in a sky blue and white color scheme to blend in better with the sky it would be flying in. At first I considered doing it in a tiger stripe style as part of my Tiger Force, but after doing my Shockwave custom figure, I chose instead to try the pictured camo scheme. You can't see it well in the pictures, but the noses of the wingtip missiles have been painted red. As an extra touch, I did a light coating of silver to the black designs on the wings to bring out the detail.

Codename: Stealth Falcon
Primary Function: Air Assault Glider
Secondary Function: Infiltration
Primary Pilot: Barrel Roll
Qualified Pilots: Various

Data: The Stealth Falcons are the latest series of G.I. Joe assault gliders. Rather than being hang-gliders, the Stealth Falcons are closer to the "Wing"-design of aircraft. The primary features of the Stealth Falcon are it's integrated machine gun, wingtip and wing-mounted missiles, the twin engines, and most noticably, the full metal construction.

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