Roof, doors, 1 vent panel, and Tow Bar from Vamp Mk2
Missiles from the Rattler 4-WD
Everything else came from the Stinger
Custom printed Glow in the Dark stickers

I could never fathom why some version of Vamp or Stinger wasn't part of Night Force?

It just seemed to belong.

I didn't want to just put Night Force stickers on a Stinger. But I find the best customs use the least amount of paint possible, while still bringing something new to the table. So I chose the arts listed above very carefully, trying to get as many parts as possible in the colors I wanted. If you look at the Tiger Sting, it's not just a repainted Vamp Mk2, it's a mix of both Mk1, and Mk2. So with the Tiger Sting, Hasbro set's a precedence for mixing parts among the various Vamp's. I took the same approach to the Night Lancer. I wanted to design it the way Hasbro would have.

When doing an existing Sub-Team custom, color is key. Night Force vehicles predominantly have 3 colors:
Black - its just a straight black.
Camouflage Green - most people think it's just gray, but it's not, it's a dark drab green.
Red - this is the hard one. I don't currently have any Night Force vehicles, but I know the red isn't just red. I think series 1 was like a neon tangerine, but series 2 was more like watermelon.

Anyway, long story short, Black and Camo Green are easy, the Red is not. That red is hard to mix, and impossible to find. Because of that, this project was on the back burner for YEARS. Actually, strike that, DECADES is more accurate. But one day I found the closest color I've ever seen, it was spray can of "Parking Lot Marker Red". It was the more neon red I had ever found in a spray paint. Wasn't perfect, but I figured it was the closest I was ever going to get. I had already found some Glow in the Dark sticker paper, and I had already done most of the graphics, so with red paint I was ready to go.

All parts were disassembled, including hub caps, rear deck panels, and dash board to be spray painted separately. The Stinger body, rear platform, and missile launcher were only striped of stickers and well cleaned. The Rattler 4-WD missiles were chosen because they are much more pink than the deep red Stinger missiles, and therefor very close to the Night Force Red. The hub caps and engine component were painted red. The tires were sprayed in Matt Black. Everything else, including the undercarriage, dashboard and all other unlisted parts were painted Camouflage Green.

All the stickers were done on a graphics program and scaled to fit. Printed them on Glow in the Dark sticker paper (which was VERY hard to find by the way), then carefully cut out and applied.

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