Everything: Star Wars Republic Attack Shuttle

Red Alert, Red Alert, Red Alert! Cobra has once again reared its ugly hood and a new breed of GI Joe specialist is all that stands between the evil terrorist organization and their renewed quest for world domination. A routine training mission is cut short, and squad leader Vanguard and his team of rawhides are thrust into battle against Cobra's newest and most dangerous operatives

With all new vehicles, figures and accessories GI Joe: Next Generation Warfare puts you in control of the battle. Collect them all and decide the fate of the world!

"There isn't a single place on this planet out of Cobra's striking distance with the new Chimera drop-ship. Its advanced tilt wing design and VTOL capabilities make it an ideal transport and rescue craft. The main feusalage converts into a command post, while armored plating on the wings folds up to create a bunker. Front cockpit detaches to provide close air support for troops on the ground with its vertical rotating auto-cannons and tilting dual-barreled machine gun
Includes 2 figures: Pilot, Skyjack; and crew chief, Sky-Fall"

Ever since I saw this SW vehicle on shelves, I knew I wanted to pick one up for my Next Generation Warfare project. Eventually found a good deal on the secondary market and was able to provide a large vehicle to my 1st assortment of NGW figures.

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