GI Joe Sigma 6 Dragonhawk
Mantis Attack Craft
Wings from an Aliens Space craft
Rear wing from the Destro's AGP
bombs from The General
Side missile launchers and cockpit seat from 2003 Gun Station

Cobra got the short end of the stick for helicopters. The Joes had a handful of big Copters but all Cobra got was the Mamba. This is my attempt to give them a Gunship to help even the playing field a little more. It has 2 bombs, a nose gatling, 12 hellfire missiles, 10 front facing rocket tubes, 12 rear facing rocket tubes and 2 rear facing gatling guns. It spreads death and destruction going forward and then the rear gunner cleans up any stragglers as well as providing defense against enemy jets. It has main rotor, two forward thrust fans for slow sweeps as well as 2 forward thrust jets for speed. Also has a rear turbo fan on an adjustable swing down arm.

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