Ram motorcycle
Mamba helicopter tail
Transformer concrete mixer
a bunch of hot rollers for curling your hair

Customs had Ram Jet Races. I built and entered 6 Bikes and won one race. I had wanted to build a Drag bike using this Transformers cement mixer as the jet but even though I had most parts something was missing. I had the mixer and then I used hot curlers for the intake and I had the RAM bike but could not figure out what I was going to do for the wings. Then at the Assembly Required convention last year I was looking in a free bin and discovered the final piece. It was the tail of a Mamba which had been cut off of the main body. I was going to put it all together for the final race but a couple weeks later I had a major auto accident. It pretty much stopped me from doing much customizing for over 6 months. So I am getting around better now and even though it is too late for the races I still wanted to finish it. I had been planning doing an American Flag Tiger Force scheme for a while and this seemed like a great place to do it.

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