Everything: A Captain America Vehicle

Red Alert, Red Alert, Red Alert! Cobra has once again reared its ugly hood and a new breed of GI Joe specialist is all that stands between the evil terrorist organization and their renewed quest for world domination. A routine training mission is cut short, and squad leader Vanguard and his team of rawhides are thrust into battle against Cobra's newest and most dangerous operatives

With all new vehicles, figures and accessories GI Joe: Next Generation Warfare puts you in control of the battle. Collect them all and decide the fate of the world!

Considering I view the NGW line as the next incarnation of ARAH, it would make sense they would perhaps borrow some vehicles from other Hasbro lines, like Star Wars, and any number of Marvel properties.
The Spartan APC began life as a Captain America vehicle. A quick paint job and some stickers are the big changes. I did have to add a step in the gunners turret to prop a figure up as the Joe's are a bit shorter than the Marvel Captain American figures were.

Bio below:

The Spearhead of the Joe infantry, the Spartan APC rolls over Cobra! This all terrain beast includes firing rocket launchers, free rolling wheels, two armored personnel bays and rear compartment with lowering ramp. Carries up to eight figures and includes driver, Backfire.

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