Rhino - Jada Nano Optimus Prime with magnets and Carbon fiber rods.

Switchblade - GI Joe Rise of Cobra Battleship game Cobra Gunship

After working on miniatures for the "JoeCustoms the Diorama" display, I couldn't stop seeing other things I could add to it. That brings me to Mini MASK vs Venom.

The Rhino is a Jada Nano Optimus Prime (started months before we knew they'd be making Joes). It went through about 8 different paint jobs as I tried to figure out a modern metallic or vintage look and ended up somewhere between the two with vintage body and metallic striping. Then after it was painted I wanted it to be functional like the toy and split in half. They're held together by magnets and carbon fiber rods that are the rear section's cannons. In this update, Bruce Sato would be controlling it remotely from the truck cab.

I started and finished the Switchblade the morning I was about to take pics and realized I needed something else for the mission briefing shot.

Matt Tracker Sr, Matt Tracker Jr, and Brad Turner go over Boulder Mountain defense capabilities and strategies.

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