Big Lots/Soldier Force jet playset, Silent Strike stickers, Tamiya semi-gloss black paint, panel lining and permanent marker

Another recent acquisition I was quite excited for! After years of only having the F-35 represented by the American Plastic Toys version, Chap Mei appears to have released not one, but two different versions - the Adventure Force one (see my Joint Strike Fighter) and the Soldier Force one, currently being sold at Big Lots (shout out to Jeremy for hooking me up!).

This was a straightforward custom, but what surprised me was how nicely the panel lining turned out. After that, it was just a question of what stickers might make sense on such a small little jet.

'Even as the Joint Strike Fighter was in development, the need emerged for a new program of light combat aircraft that would be capable of undertaking light combat missions, reconnaissance and interdiction. The program thus developed a light variant of the Joint Strike Fighter, the Lightning Flash!'

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