Mudfighter, Tamiya semi-gloss black paint, Uni Posca white marker, Cobrastickers Grim Reapers custom labels

This was one of the ideas for the Air Superiority project, but I didn't get a hold of the Mudfighter until recently, and finally had the time to take it apart and paint it in black. The effect took even me by surprise - I always thought this mold would look good in black, but I had no idea how good!

The white panel lining may have been a bit excessive, but overall I was quite pleased with the outcome, which was finished with some leftover stickers I had from the Grim Reapers set I used on the Nightboomer.

'Dedicated light bombers have not been used since the introduction of multirole and strike aircraft. However, there were specialised situations in which the GI Joe's Grim Reapers B2 Spirits and SkySweepers would not be able to address.

Pulling the Mudfighter, with its impressive bomb capacity, from the mothballs began a retrofitting process that included applying the stealth technology of the Silent Strike program and an entirely new jet propulsion system from the Joint Strike Fighter program to replace the noisy rotor of the Mudfighter. The result was a stealthy light bomber that was so effective it quickly earned a new name: the Bloodfighter!'

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