EagleHawk (Tomahawk redesign released in 2013)

Its roles are primarily air mobile and cargo transport, all-weather air-sea rescue (ASR), and ground ordnance neutralizer.

The Tomahawk weighs 37,000 lbs, has a service ceiling of 60,000 ft, and can attain a top speed of 175 mph when fully loaded or 240 mph when unloaded and minimally armed.[2] It has a range of 320 mi when fully loaded or 1,750 mi when ferry flying. It is powered by twin UH-8N turboshaft engines mounted on either side of the forward rotor pylon as well as a single UH-6N turboshaft rear engine fitted with heat/noise reduction; all are covered by layered composite, bulletproof cowlings. The counterrotating horizontal main rotor assemblies have 5 layered-epoxy blades and titanium-alloy hubs.The tail houses a third, vertical stabilizing tail rotor in a pivoting fantail assembly. (https://gijoe.fandom.com/wiki/Tomahawk)

I added paint details to the Tomahawk, notably in the cockpit and on the main engines. The outside was weathered with color washes. Panel lines were also accented.

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