Power Team Elite Humvee, royal blue Krylon paint, 25th HISS stickers

The Cobra Stinger Humvee was born when the Hummer brand was lost in times of economic turmoil. These multi-role ground vehicles do everything from hauling troops and cargo to supporting HISS tanks in combat theaters. They are the backbone ground vehicle for Cobra. They are configured to fill many different roles, and are less expensive than HISS tanks and many of the other Cobra vehicles that have come and gone over the years.

The story of the Cobra Stinger Humvee started when Cobra Commander was looking to upgrade the Stinger and make it more useful and cost effective to produce. He told Destro he wanted a "Swiss Army Knife Jeep!" When the economic crisis of 2008 and the loss of the primary transport vehicle military contract with the U.S. military, the Humvee and Hummer brand was lost. The surplus was sold off and with it some of the manufacturing facilities around the world. This was a great opportunity for Cobra Commander to increase his ground vehicle supply and also turn a dollar to fund his evil schemes. When the news of the fate of Hummer reached him, the Commander had Extensive Enterprises start buying up all of the Humvee vehicles, parts, and facilities they could. He then set into motion a plan to build and sell to his constituents around the globe, as well as build up his own supply. Thus the Cobra Stinger Humvee was created.

Configuration v1 is a 4 person cab with Fastback rear hatch and multi armament top hatch turret. The turret is most commonly seen using .50 caliber machine guns, grenade launchers, or TOW launchers (as shown). This is the most common combat configuration.

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