Toys R Us Chap Mei Animal Planet Helicopter, 2 Tomahawk guns, random unknown gun/grenade launcher, unknown GI Joe rope w/clips, Krylon gloss black paint, various GI Joe stickers, 10 black GI Joe figure stands.

The Cobra Hydra Helicopter is the MARS engineering team's answer to the traditional Chinook or Joe Tomahawk helicopters. This vehicle can be used to transport troops or various light equipment and supplies into battle. It has a cavernous cargo bay that can hold 10 troops or a couple small vehicles like the M-HISS, Ferret ATV, or even Trouble Bubbles. Vehicles can be loaded and unloaded through the rear ramp. Troops can use the ramp, either side door, or the belly drop doors.

The Hydra is different from the Tomahawk and Chinook in that it has a slimmer profile and more powerful propeller and propulsion system. This makes the Hydra more nimble and faster than its counterparts.

The Hydra also has two winch systems. The first allows troops to fast rope onto the battle field or can be used for extraction. The second is for slinging larger gear or vehicles under the belly for transport. This second winch can load out an ASP, Stinger, Stinger Humvee, BOA, Constrictor, RAGE, or even the smaller HISS V1 & V3.

The Hydra is armed with two belt fed machine guns, one on each side of the body, and a gun and rocket pod mounted under the chin. The Hydra's "Second Head" is a small scout and air support helicopter that can disconnect when the Hydra is on the ground or not carrying any payload. This helicopter has one machine gun as well.

Perhaps the best feature of the Hydra though is it's stealthy ability to enter the fight. It's unique blade system with large thick blades have been engineered so that they are nearly silent, and mimick the sound of a wind gust. The Hydra also features radar and heat signature dampening systems. The Hydra does not sound like a helicopter, nor does it profile electronically as one, and unfortunately the Joes don't know one is even near by until it is too late.

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