Wagon is Lowe's paint stirrers, popsicle sticks, wood dowels, and styrene square tubing with Lego and Flick Trix knockoff wheels.

Horse is Schleich with with faux leather, Playmobil halter, and Sghetti String for reigns.

Word around the Pit is that Chuckles runs a very serious game of Dungeons & Dragons in his down time. Yes, that Chuckles. The throwing missiles at tanks Chuckles. The months on an investigation in deep undercover Chuckles. That guy.

So when Gand Slam and Flash, sorry, I mean, Grangor the Bold, a Paladin, and Nigel Wittingbom, a Rogue, tried to intercept a wagon carrying newly mined mythral on its way back into town, they were in for more than they bargained for.

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