RC truck mirrors and roll cage
Toy jeep bumpers
Lego pieces

I had the idea to build a truck out of a Vamp or Stinger for a long time now. This year I finally decided to build it. I wanted it to look like a truck but still also look like a Vamp or Stinger as well. To achieve this I cut the back off one Vamp and added it to the back of another without changing the shape of the original wheel wells. I also had to attach it to the front before I cut the back open. Kind of like what the would do with a real car so that it doesn't twist and bend when I cut it. Having a vehicle custom that isn't straight or even is pretty much the worst thing that can happen, In the end the truck is about two inches long than an original Vamp but it fools the eye and doesn't look it. Its one of the hardest builds I have done and my favourite one.
Some features it has are a working winch, opening doors with side mirrors, a roll cage a spare tire and removable gas can with holder,side steps and real rubber off road tires.

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