Cobra RAT
fodder boat
Tomahawk seats
Scratch building

The Cobra Rat is one of those GI JOE vehicles that gets easily over looked. It's ugly it look like a Cobra Bumper car, it really does. I was looking at one and thought that I could utilize all the empty space underneath for something. I took a old dollar store hovercraft and cut the hull in half then cut another 4 inches out of it so it fit on the Rats body. I added seats in the hull and popped out the spin launcher things on the side, This gave me the perfect space to build doors on each side. The doors and hinges are made o styrene plastic. I also used thin cut styrene and wrapped it around the hull to give it a tougher look. I also added foot pads on the front where the ninja stars were. I painted it all semi gloss black and the drivers cage is carbon fibre. I can honestly say I truly love the look of this one now.

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