Lower part: Water Moccasin '84
Upper part: H.I.S.S. '83
Polar Battle Bear '83 guns
D.E.M.O.N. '88 cannon
Thunderclap '89 turret
F.A.N.G. '83 rotor blades
Hammerhead '90 torpedoes
H.I.S.S. '02 canopy

This is my first sea vehicle custom.

All parts have been modified in some way. Also added extra pegs to put the torpedoes on.
Paint scheme was an experiment, I saw a technique called "water dipping" on Youtube. I like the result, although the look doesn't really fit the rest of of the classic toy line.

I made this custom for a contest where you had to incorporate a (part of a ) H.I.S.S. tank in your creation.

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