I used the Might Ducks plane as the main body. For the wing gun mounts I used one of Spawns rhinos weapons. The pilot seat was taken from a Conquest X-30. The gunner/navigator seat was from a sky hawk. I then used various stickers from different model kits.

With the growing threat from Cobra and with the Jugglers watching his every move, Hawk need a team of people that both did not know about . He needed some ace's in the hole. One by one he searched for the remaining members of the first team 7. The remaining members joined back up to help hawk fight Cobra and the other enemies against G.I. Joe. The new members are finding new members and let it known to Hawk that what the fine on a mission they keep and they do not play by his rules. They will get the job done, but it will be Team 7 way, after all they are hero's for hire.

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