GI Joe Badger
Retaliation Cobra Combat Ninja Trooper's TOW Missile system
Electrical tape

There's nothing wrong with the Assault System Pod, but sometimes Cobra needs to bring the attack even faster and even more mobile than the towable dual "Eliminator" cannons will allow. Enter the ASP mk2, with mountable/deployable TOW missile, "bunker buster" missile, automated .50 cal, supercharged trubo engine, rock climbing suspension, and no-flat all terrain tires, it is capable of bringing the fight to the Joes anywhere on land.

Blood Brigade definitely inspired this build. I was looking at the Street Fighter Crimson Cruiser and thought Blood Brigade would turn that into a fast attack ASP. A random missile later and I had the Badger dissected for paint and realized it had a ton of cool details the neon green hid. It has a spare tire under the hood and nice engine details in the back. I'd already decided to switch out the big ugly launcher for the Retaliation Cobra Trooper's missile launcher, but after seeing it painted up, decided to make it switchable so they could deploy the TOW for the ground troops; copying one of my favorite play features from the Joe's Hammer humvee.

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