Bruder jet ski

Not all Dreadnoks want a swamp skier. Heartwrencher prefers to straddle the 350 horsepower of her supercharged personal watercraft. Whether it is jumping waves at 100 mph or hauling 2 passengers and gear on a sled or going in shallow waters most boats can't, it has everything she needs to get the job done.
I bought a Bruder jet skit on the cheap over the summer and used it once before my nephew stol- uh, liberated it. So I bought another one, not quite on the cheap, with the intent of adding RC motors. It did not go as planned. Everything worked, but I could't keep it from rolling over on sharp turns.

After Many, many failed attempts to fix it, I was about the scrap the whole project and chuck it all. Then I was reminded of my first vehicle custom. A repaint of a Road Champs jet skit. Ah, those were simpler times where just repainting something and putting new stickers on it gave me much joy. The name, rider, and backstory all came to me before the paint even dried. Having been completely soaked by jet skis while on a boat on vacation "the drencher" led to Heart Drencher driven by Heartwrencher because of how perfect it would be for Dreadnok operations.

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