Persuader Wheels
ASP Body
Sea Ray Guns

Another vehicle custom that started completely out of left over parts. I had this ASP body I started working on years ago and decided to put wheels on it. I have lots of Persuader wheels so I mocked it up and loved the look. I wanted something fun and kind of cute looking so I decided to make the headlights look like frog eyes, they are actually batteries that I drilled holes in and tried to wash out the battery acid. No idea if that will last or not but it looks cool. Cutting the seat area took some time and required a scratch built styrene seat for the driver. and even at that figures just fit but it's tight. I looked at a million pictures of different frogs and in the end I just went crazy with the paint. The base is flat black with brown and about four different greens. The Sea Ray guns fit perfectly and even raise up and down .I consider it Amphibious so it has a small diesel engine and a snorkel that you cant see in the down position.

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