American Plastic Toys Speedboat
Launcher from Iron Man 2 Jeep-like vehicle
Toyhax decals


For my "Brackish Water Patrol Set", I put Croc Master and Copperhead in matching uniforms, along with a speedboat and a team of Croc Masters reptiles.

The speedboat is one of the eternal cheap plastic toys that has been in circulation for many, many years. Trying to read the imprinted manufacturing information on the plastic doesn't help, because the mold is so worn down it's too garbled to read. I'm guessing this mold goes back to at least the late 80's, if not earlier.

Colors & Paint:

The dark pebble and light blue from the figures are used as the main colors on the body. Despite adding layers and layers of acrylic paint over spray paint, the cheapness of the thing was still there. Adding a bit of sponge painting of the figure's dark blue, then finishing with Toyhax's decals was enough to balance out the cheapness. Plus shots of red for the seats so that the figures aren't totally lost against the boat.

The sponge painting was done on the launcher because it was already more detailed than the other parts. But white and grey were dropped in a few places to pull it together with the rest of the boat.

Sculpting & Modifying:

A hole was drilled to accommodate the peg from the launcher.

Thanks for looking.

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