Cobra Ringneck
ABS plastic
Coat hangers
Plush bunnies ear
copper tubing
aluminium mesh

A few years from now...
In the months that followed the "Disorder" society as we knew it crumbled and decayed. Men began to feed on men, and only the most savage or mobile could survive in the harsh wasteland. Roving marauders and barbarians ruled the highways, ready to murder and pillage for a tank of Gas. In the midst of the chaos, one man, Lord Humungus, rose to power amongst the frenzied hordes of the wastelands. An enormous and imposing figure, Humungus was a General of a forgotten army, who skilfully unified the rag-tag gangs and tribes of the outback into a united fighting force and a relatively safe community. As leader of the wasteland Marauders, Humungus would oversee all aspects of their lives, from food and Gas rationing, to their almost military operations and fuel raids. Humungus also skilfully combined the technical knowledge of the "Smegma crazies" (Skinheads) the precision of the "Bad cops" and the ruthlessness of the "Mohawkers" to create the Marauders Flagship vehicle, Humungus's F100. The almost indestructible chassis of the Ford F100 was used as a base vehicle, coupled with an awesome v12 powerplant. Armoured plates replaced most of the vehicle's exterior, extra wheels were implemented to allow six wheel drive, enabling travel over the most rugged terrain and massive fuel drums were installed for optimum durability. Not to be outdone, the smegma crazies main contribution was the nitrous oxide injection system, which when fully engaged, could allow the F100 to achieve straight - line speeds of over 200 mph. The single cockpit of the vehicle was raised ( by Humungus's order) to fully facilitate his prey's view of his intimidating appearance, and crucifixion apparatus was attached to the front of the vehicle, to instil terror in all who beheld it. The F100 was also equipped with a 100 watt PA system, which Humungus used to issue orders or threats to his allies or enemies.

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