Parts: All Fort America

Customizer's Comments: Just wanted to detail the urban sections.

Codename: Fortress America (Fort America)
Primary Function: Urban Assault Vehicle
Secondary Function: Mobile Firebase
Crew: Rev (Driver/Gunner), Honda (Support Gunner), Fix-It (Mechanic/Support Gunner)

Data: Already outnumbered by the forces of Cobra and the Dreadnoks, G.I. Joe: Frontline had to create new vehicles to even the odds. When Detroit-born members Rev and Honda teamed up with former NASCAR mechanic Fix-It, Fortress America was born; an armored assault vehicle with the ability to convert to a firebase capable of blending into the urban environments that the Dreadnoks lurk in. Equipped with a turbo-charged engine and emergency Nitrous system, enemies have little hope of outrunning Fort America's main artillery gun and five secondary guns.

"Fort America can be hidden in alleys and backstreets in it's firebase mode and you wouldn't be able to tell it apart from its surroundings before you're in firing range of it and it's crew... scares the 'Noks and snakes beyond belief."

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