Codename: Hyena
Primary Function: High Speed Armored Assault
Secondary Function: Troop Transport
Crew: Destro (James McCullan, Commander), Destro (McCullan DeCobray, Driver), Bluebolts (Gunner)

Data: When M.A.R.S. was brought back under the control of James McCullan, XXIV Laird of Clan Destro, so were the company's vehicle plans. Allied with G.I. Joe, Destro sought to negate the advantage of Cobra's HISS tanks and so began production of a new vehicle based on the same plans, the Hyena.

"The psychological aspects of the Hyena are as powerful as its weapons. We can slip it into a line of Cobra HISS tanks and when it starts firing at them they think one of their own has turned traitor and don't know who to trust." -- Lt. Dr. Kenneth D. Rich, codename: "Psych-Out"

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