Parts: Storm Eagle and Balsa wood

Customizer's Comments: At ZedCon 2 I snagged a Storm Eagle from Dune Echo and HATED the neon colors and water gun gimmick, but loved the F-22 Raptor-similar design. So I did the only thing I could do: I removed the water gun and covered the hole where the handle was with balsa wood and painted it white and the hole where the spray was had a .50 cal. barrel from a Desert Coyote glued in it. I painted the cockpit black with grey frame, noticed a HUD on the cockpit and painted it light green with dark green 'readouts' and gave the whole topside a pattern of grey over the white to produce an aerial camoflauge effect.

Designator: X-22
Codename: Storm Eagle
Primary Function: Interceptor
Pilot: Various

Data: The first X-22 Storm Eagle was an F-22 Raptor on loan to Stark Industries as a test bed vehicle for new combat aviation technology. Turbo of G.I. Joe: Frontline was meeting with Tony Stark himself when his unit became involved in a conflict with Cobra and, with Mr. Stark's permission, took the X-22 to aid them, testing the new technology in combat. After the sucess of that engagement, the first Storm Eagle was re-assigned to Frontline and the technology was to be put into any new Raptors assigned to G.I. Joe.

"The Storm Eagle's one of those planes where it's a flat learning curve. The onboard computer actually works as your RIO*, leaving you to concentrate on flying and fighting. The above-wing missile mounts are an interesting addition, allowing the Storm Eagle to fire missiles while inverted. The only real flaw I have with it is that you're only packing one Big .50..." -- Major John T. Magnus, codename: "Turbo"

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