Matrix Mech (dont know the real name of it)
Sheet Balsa
Hardware cloth
A few feet of asorted gauges of wire
PTE Grenade Launcher, 55 galon drums
Intoys 1/6 scale PSG-1 rifle
Roadblock mini gun
BBI Little Bird missle tubes
Some other odds and ends
And about about a months time

Consruction started by removing everythind besides the seat from the bulkhead behind the cockpit giving me a clean slate to start with. The 1/8 plexiglass canopy was then constructed. Tjhe bacick shape of the cockpit was then constructed around that with balsa. The cockpit was actually made in two peices alowing it to wrap around some of the existing frame for a sturdier finished product. The interior was then added with balsa and parts scavanged from the discarded portion of the mech. The fron sensor array is an asortment of 1/6 scale scope and flashlight parts.

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