Base mech: Exo Squad Interrogator E-Frame with shoulder bolo cannon things removed

Missile: Bottom half of the Exo Squad Interrogator E-Frame's fist missle thing with the top half of a missle Pac Rat missle

Antenna: Some knock-off brand flag pole with flag removed

Shoulder Gatling Guns: Funskool Roadblock's Rock & Roll gatling guns, modified

You can thank General Hawk for this. He was selling off some Exo-Squad mechs/e-frames at ZedCon and they were priced at a buck. I picked up two of 'em. I'm almost afraid to paint the other one I have since it actually has more articulation than the one I used in this custom. Even though, the one below still has an articulation point or two on the Pulverizer.

The Cobra Red Devil mechs are piloted by Mech-Vipers.

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