2002 TRU Exclusive Rattler
2001 Wavecrusher
Rear wheel cover from Thunder Machine

I finally got around to getting another Rattler from Toys R Us and I wanted to make it look as good as Hasbro should have made it to begin with. Black paint was in order from the beginning. I was originally going to fill in the gun turret seeing how Hasbro felt the need to eliminate the canopy from it. I then decided it would be better to create a docking port for another vehicle to attach to it. I had several extra 2001 Wavecrushers and the front tab underneath made it easy to accommodate the docking. I trimmed gun mount from the turret, cut a Thunder Machine wheel cover into a circle, cut a notch in it and glued it to the turret. Prime, paint and add a few stickers to complete it. I would have preferred to use a smaller docking vehicle but I had nothing else available. I am still very pleased with the results.

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