Body: V.A.M.P. v1
Chassis: Stinger v1
Engine compartment: Ford F150 model kit and balsa wood
Exhaust: Zoids Command Wolf
Brush Guard: Breath mint container
Bumper: Rage v1
Rollcage: A.W.E. Striker v1 rollcage
Minigun: Roadblock v9
Fog lights/light bar: A.W.E. Striker v1 bumper
Engine Snorkel: Dollar Store suction arrow

Customizer's Comments: Monster, Monster Garage. No, not really, but I'm sure Jesse James would enjoy building a real-life version of this. The R.E.V.A.M.P. was born when I was looking for a Joe vehicle for my Operation: Exorcist set (although I don't 'officially' count it as an Op:Exo part) and since Turbo was the driver for Op:Exo, I wanted it to look like something I'd drive: Loud, obnoxious, something that looks like it'd rather go through something than around it, and a bit over the top about what it does. I think I succeeded. I actually went though several different parts choices until I reached this final design. Later, the color scheme was changed from the original black to a camo green and tan on black.

Codename: R.E.V.A.M.P. (Retrofit Extreme-environment Vehicle: Attack/Multi-Purpose)
Primary Function: High speed attack vehicle
Secondary Function: Rough terrain rapid assault
Driver: Turbo

Data: The R.E.V.A.M.P. was created "Monster Garage" and "Junkyard Wars" style by Turbo from scrap parts and junk vehicles at the Pit partly as a way to pass the time, but mainly so that he'd have a vehicle durable enough to withstand his driving style. The standard engine was replaced with a much more powerful diesel engine from a Slugger with custom Humvee-inspired vertical exhaust to allow the R.E.V.A.M.P. to go though higher water than a normal V.A.M.P. Continuing the upgrades, a larger bumper capable of pushing small trees and other obstacles out of the way and an undercarriage brushguard were added to increse the off-road capability. Since the base vehicle lacked a rollcage, the one from a damaged A.W.E. Striker was substitued, but with a remote-fired, electrically driven 7.62mm Minigun to replace the original weapon. The final touch was a pair of fog lights from the same A.W.E. Striker.

"If Clutch drives fast, Turbo drives maniacally, with a level of instinct that makes him seem to be one with the R.E.V.A.M.P."

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