Factory jack hull w/ elective 2x 20mm hydraulic machine turrets. Images supplied by UAE affiliate listing at 2,130,050 Dirham (~570,000 USD).

"The Moccasin boasts a 580 horsepower 9250 RPM redline supercharged V-12 engine running one to one w/ a high-pitch, high-speed glass fiber fan (a sinisterly competent marriage of output capacity and efficiency). Boiler plate electrically driven, turret mounted 20mm DES-20B twin machineguns compliment stock 40mm lateral cannons (2x 20mm hydraulic machine turrets may substitute; though at a slight cost to outright caliber). A factory "vanilla" package comes off the assembly w/ boron-epoxy composite hull, anti-glare reinforced windshields, titanium directional vanes AND an eight month warranty on parts."

-Excerpt drawn from a United Arab Emirates MARS handbill with specs validated against corporate folio.

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