Soldier Force Swamp Boat
Soldier force crew served weapon fromthe buggy

I swapped out the original cannon on this Soldier Force air boat with the one from the FAV (DC Striker). Other than that, it is just a simple paint job and some decals. The eyes and tiger teeth were from a scan of the Tiger-Ray stickers.

The total expansion set to the Dreadnok Rampage consists of:
Tiger Wind
Tiger Quad
Tiger Bike
Tiger Claw
TF Cross Hair
The Fuel Cell

DC Striker
Dreadhead Bike
Dreadhead Swamp Cruiser
MonkeyWrench's Quad
BurnOut's Super Quad

Tradeshow Addendum
Serengeti Gnawgahyde (AKA Dingo)

Part of my Dreadnok Rampage: Escapades in the Everglades Expansion Set

I was downrange in Karbala during the convention, and had to order the "Homefront Hero package". Not sure how I qualified as a "Homefront Hero" when I was on the front lines in some of the heaviest fighting. Anywho, I got very excited about the Dreadnok Rampage, but decided they needed an expansion pack. It took me a while since I have been very busy after taking command, but the Christmas break allowed me to finish these customs up.


Beachhead says: "Hawk gave me the mission and resourced me with transport and a team. What he did not do is give me any planning guidance or constraints. Like any good plan, I allowed for backup. I had Wild Bill put a small package together just in case we needed some help in a hurry. Funny thing...Hawk never requested a back brief or attended any of the orders briefs or rehearsals. That is not like him at all.....He has always been very involved in the planning and prep stages of every mission I have been on, and this is my first leadership role in Tiger Force. Oh well, as long as he is on the pier at 0430 when we cast off....

An example of OTS (Off the Shelf) procurement. A Florida company developed and produced these small air boats to market to the Coast Guard and Homeland Defense (as yet unsuccessfully). Mounting an OTO Mallerno 30mm auto cannon firing a mix of HE and AP rounds, this swift and agile craft can put down a lot of hurt in a hurry. Sporting Tiger force colors, Wild Bill takes her out on her maiden voyage as a reserve force for Beachhead's mission. The problem with OTS procurement is that the bad guys can buy them also. There are reports that Cobra, and/or the Dreadnoks may have purchased some of these air boats too.

Wild Bill says: "If it's got a propeller, I can drive it. No seriously partner, Roadblock and Wreckage will stand by to reinforce by land, Cross Hair goes in by air on his little zippity-do-dah Tiger Claw and his huge canon to set up an overwatch, and I'll just be moseying along well behind the Tiger Ray in the channel. If all goes well, we won't be needed and nobody will ever know we were there."

For more of my Expansion Set, see the Tiger Claw, Tiger Bike, Tiger Quad and the Dreadnok DC Striker

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