Base vehicle: Cobra Ferret (Quadrimoto Metralha - Brazil)
Seat, front part with handlebar: 1:18 die cast Scooter.
Side Guns: From Ninja series, removed from the top of the companion animal of figure.
Antenna: adapted from Badger (Resgator - Brazil)
Base painted with lead gray automotive spray, camouflage with dark gray, clear gray and black (Tamiya acrylic ink), and in some parts were applied silver tape.
Decals: printed at home, with inkjet on transparent adhesive sheet.

The All Terrain Urban Vehicle was developed in the Cobra Guerrilla Laboratory by Voltar and Overlord, with the objective of providing a light and fast urban / off-road vehicle while keeping reasonable firepower and providing transport for at least two Cobra fighters.

The color scheme was thought as being useful for the urban combat where gray concrete and black asphalt are predominant in the landscape.

I hope that the community enjoys this vehicle.

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