Main body: Mamba (Aerocoptero de Exterminio Brazil) with some assorted parts of a 1:18 die-cast scooter for the details on the interface between Mamba body and Dragonfly tail

Tail and helix: Dragonfly (Jetcoptero de Combate Brazil)

Turbine intake and upper cover in the holes of original Mamba: Cardboard egg box

Turbine exhausts: Air conditioner exhausts

Back landing gear: Discharge pipes from Ferret (Quadrimoto Metralha Brazil) + Mamba tail tip

Front landing gear: Scrap plastic + 1:18 die-cast scooter main body (internal)

The Urban Mamba was developed in the Cobra Guerrilla Laboratory by Voltar and Overlord, with the objective of providing a light and fast urban helicopter for air recon, while keeping reasonable firepower.

The color scheme was thought of as being useful for the urban environment where gray concrete and black asphalt are predominant in the landscape.

I hope that the community enjoys this vehicle.

I should probably put Cobra decals and paint the vehicle with urban camo.

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