Main body: Dragonfly cockpit with Cobra Dictator assembled in the back.

Wolverine missile box (I'm waiting on one more to put on the left side) glued in the tire of the Cobra Dictator.

Right cannon: Paralyzer

Left lower cannon: I don't know

Left missiles: Marauder Motorcycle-Tank

Mamba (Aerocoptero de Exterminio Brazil) power generator (motor) in the middle part of the Mecha, covered by Vindicator Hovercraft floor and finally closed by assembled Vindicator Hovercraft upper cover piece.

Thighs/legs: Mamba (Aerocoptero de Exterminio Brazil). I used one protruded composite profile (fiberglass+phenolic resin)
to join both thighs

Feets: Marauder Motorcycle-Tank front and middle-down parts

The Defense Mech was developed in the Cobra Guerrilla Laboratory by Voltar and Overlord, with the objective of providing a satisfactory protection for the Cobra research center.

The Mech can fight against aerial and ground attacks. It has high firepower as well as fast and easy maneuverability.

This vehicle still not finished, but the color scheme will be suitable for the urban environment where gray concrete and black asphalt are predominant in the landscape.

I hope that the community enjoys this vehicle.

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