Cockpit: Sea Ray

Thighs: Marauder Motorcycle-Tank laser cannons with the joint-piece and Vindicator Hovercraft middle tail.

Feets: Marauder Motorcycle-Tank front part

Side laser cannons: Marauder Motorcycle-Tank

Missile Laucher and his base support: Killer Whale and Vindicator Hovercraft front tail.

The Mech was developed in the Cobra Guerrilla Laboratory by Voltar and Overlord, with the objective of providing internal protection for the Cobra research center.

The Mech can fight against ground attacks. It has a lot firepower as well as quick and easy maneuverability.

The structure of this vehicle was finished and I'm sending him to a friend with an aerograph airbrush to create a paint scheme suitable for the urban environment. Also, this mech has more articulated joints in the "knees" than my previous mech.

I hope that the community enjoys this vehicle.

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