Entire vehicle: Batman Begins Helicopter
Interior: Sculpey and a WOW Girls scooter handlebar

In an effort to bolster the Iron Grenadier Air Force, M.A.R.S. has developed the Shrike LHX. Physically it is not much larger than the F.A.N.G. developed for Cobra. It is a much more advanced aircraft however.

A single seat craft, it features an enclosed cockpit. Flat panels on the conopy reduce reflective glint. The panels are also bullet-proof . Additional crew protection includes crew compartment armor, HACS (Helicopter Armored Crashworthy Seats) and blast/fragment sheilds.

Angled body plates reflect radar and increase stealth capabilities. It possesses a full spectrum of jamming technology as well as IR suppression and a low flicker rotor. The tail rotor is enclosed to both protect and reduce noise.

It has only one engine to power the rotors. Two side jets give the Shrike a cruising speed unheard of with a helicopter. Small winglets assist with lift, and decrease stess on the main rotors.

The Shrike is armed with two internal missle pods, two forward-facing 20mm cannons, and a 40mm grenade launcher. Chaff dispensers are located on either side of the tail boom.

As this is a testbed vehicle, changes are likely before reaching production.

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