Main Body: Internal structure (mainframe) made from cylindrical wood sticks joined by an EVA hot melt glue gun and covered with Tetrapack milk packing "sheets".

The rotation/in-out action in the side seats were made from a few pieces of scrap plastic from CD covers.

Wheels/Tires: Dollar store truck

The Cobra Smash was developed in the Cobra Guerrilla Laboratory by Voltar and Overlord with the objective of providing reasonable firepower and transporting at least five Cobra fighters.

The Cobra Smash is a fast, off-road vehicle and has easy maneuverability. The external body was constructed using a bullet-proof composite polymer material comprising alternated layers of aramid and ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fibers plus epoxy resin.

The color scheme was designed to be useful for camouflage in the savannah environment.

I hope that the community enjoys this vehicle.

Note: the upper left photo of the vehicle was taken prior to painting.

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