Operation Crimson Sabotage HISS and ASP
HISS 3 canopy
Wolverine turret and missiles
Black Wolverine missile pod from Action Force version
Krylon semi-flat black and primer grey paint

Special thanks to krymsyngard666 for the original HISS design he made and helped me recreate and to Mutt7000 for the Wolverine parts.

Krymsyngard666 made a bunch of these HISS tanks like this. I liked them so much I wanted to make one of my own. Since I had the ASP with the OCS set, I figured I would paint it to match and include it in the set. I wanted the HISS to be black like the original but not exactly the same so I did the black and grey. I matched a similar pattern to the ASP, black/grey/black. While looking for a Cobra logo to print and apply to the set I found a copy of the Night Watch logo I saved that someone created when pics of the Night Watch team first leaked out. I decided that would be perfect for this dark set. My figures showed up in the mail 2 days later, timing was great!

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