Replay Toys Tech Wars Mech / Exosquad Phaeton's Command E-Frame

The rockets and the mini gun came from misc dollar store toys.
Mixed Testors paint for the brushed aluminum look, and green neon just looks cool.

After getting overrun by a squad of over two hundred B.A.T.S., Sci-Fi decided that the new Defense Mech line being issued to the team should be improved upon with a little offense in mind, just in case Overkill decide to air drop a few more B.A.T.S on the base.
Its faster, stronger, more maneuverable and armed to the teeth with three rear loaded S.A.M.s.

Two shoulder mounted short ranged H.E. rockets and two left arm mounted anti tank missiles. The right arm has an under mounted XM214 Micro gun that fire's armor piercing rounds at 2000 RPM! Sci-Fi's Command Mech leads the Defense Mech squad into battle and takes no prisoners.

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