All TRU exclusive G.I. Joe Moray

When I saw the Moray returning to shelves, I knew I had to have one. The other thing I knew was that it had to be a Cobra vehicle again. I had picked up some Shadow Guards at the same time as the Moray, and it just seemed to fit. Next thing you know, it was painting time. I was going to add some stickers to it, but I liked the feel of the solid black better. It felt really clean, and I didn't want to disrupt that.

The Shadow Moray is used by Cobra's secret police, the Crimson Shadow Guard. Whether they are being asked to check up on their own Cobra forces out at sea or maybe even being asked to lead a covert attack on G.I. Joe forces, the Moray is a perfect fit to their arsenal. Fast, powerful, and deadly, the Moray can speed in, destroy the target, and be gone into the night before anyone knows what hit them.

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