Sky Sweeper Jet
Midnight Viper (Pilot) : H.E.A.T. Viper v.2
Starlight Viper (Drone Pilot): Snake Eyes and Tunnel Rat
(Look for these under the figures soon)

Well, here is my first custom vehicle that didn't turn out like crap. I love this plane; it is one of the few toys that I still really play with on a regular basis. It is often involved on strafing missions against my Blue Heelers and has been shot down, err, bit down behind enemy lines a few times.

I just didn't get enough of a "stealth feel" from it though. I used a black primer, detailed it and sealed it with a gloss coating.

Now it is piloted by my Midnight Viper, a repaint of H.E.A.T. Viper v.2 and carries a Stealth Drone/Fighter that hold a Starlight Viper, an airborne version of the Night Viper, who performs long range recons. Too bad he won't fit in the drone with his pack on. Damn.

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