Generic Big Lots KnockOff Knight's Catapult
1/18th Scale gatling gun - Chap Mei
Laser Guidance System - Chap Mei
Iron Grenadiers (Destro's) - Custom Reprint Sticker

This is a modern version of a medieval classic. This catapult is used by Destro to protect his Castle from all foes. This catapult is outfitted with a laser guidance system and a 88mm gatling gun. This is sure to send any who would dare storm Destro's Fortress retreating quickly.

This piece I created to go with Castle Destro. I always wanted to see a place for Destro and his Iron Grenadiers away from the prying eyes of Cobra Commander. A place where Destro and Dr.Mindbender hashed out their plan to create Serpentor and Destro's Weather Cannon.

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