Boat: Corps Long Range Patrol Boat
Misslies: Pogo (rear fins cut off)
Black and royal blue paint
Sticker: Sea Ray reproduction decals.

After many skirmishes with G.I. Joe and other country's militaries, Cobra salvaged what was useable from battle and retooled it back at Cobra Island. It is armed with machine guns, depth charges and surface to air/land missiles. Its smaller size makes it able to get into areas that the Moray Hydrofoil cannot and drop Eels into these waters.

Basically I took a Corps Long Range Patrol Boat, repainted the boat itself royal blue, painted the net, railing, machine guns, and engine black. I put some detailing in the engine by painting the wires yellow and orange...also painted the rope design on the sides of the boat black. I cut the rear fins off of a couple Pogo missiles (I painted the cuts black) so they can fit in the launcher/cannon on rear of boat. I finished it off with some Sea Ray reproduction decals.

I have never really been a fan of Corps items, but when I seen this boat it reminded me of the Vietnamese PT boats and I thought it would look good in Cobra blue.

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