Vehicle: World Peacekeepers Humvee Transport
Royal blue, black and grey paint
Reproduction decals

Cobra needs a way to deploy its soldiers to all areas of Cobra Island the CI Personnel Carrier fits the need. It is a Humvee so you know it can tackle just about any terrain on the entire island. It is capable of carrying a squad of eight and their gear comfortably. It also features a tow hitch and the rear bed comes in use for transporting equipment to any location, making it a versatile work horse in the field.

This Humvee really caught my eye when I seen it. It separates itself from the other Humvees with its rear bed and bench seats. The back is very spacious. I knew this would be a perfect Cobra Humvee. With the new Viper pack coming out I needed a vehicle that would fill my need for one with the wave of figures. In the near future this will be hauling Vipers around.

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